Restore Tooth Enamel

It has been long known that it is possible to restore tooth enamel. Most people have no idea that they can start process to reverse tooth decay today.  These methods have not been well known since dentist are not really interested in helping people to help themselves; they are in the business of making money. Dental insurance is very expensive and in today’s economy many people are uninsured and don’t have the out-of-pocket money for dental costs.  So what do you do? Well there are several different options for helping to restore tooth enamel. To find out more information on what steps to take just read on below.

First there is the matter of Diet. If you regularly consume foods that are high in their acidic content then you can be sure to have issues with some tooth enamel loss.  Also if you eat a lot of foods that have a lot of acid, foods such as citrus fruits and vegetables. If you do eat these foods a lot make sure you rinse your mouth with water. Water helps to rinse away the acids that erode the tooth enamel.

Chew sugarless gum regularly or at least for 20 minutes after a meal.  Chewing gum after meals helps to stimulate saliva production which in turn helps to rinse away food particles as well as food acids. For more quick tips go to restore tooth enamel.

GERD or Gastrointestinal Issues can cause a lot of trouble if left untreated. If you have acid reflux or some related condition that causes the stomach acids to consistently rise up; or if you have a condition that causes you to throw up your food on a regular basis then you are most undoubtedly at risk for some major tooth enamel loss.

Dry mouth has been long associated with tooth enamel erosion. Since water or saliva are the body’s first defense against tooth enamel loss.  If you drink enough water you can eat xylatol (see below) mints in between meals and water.

Teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is probably the worst culprit on the list. It can cause your teeth to chip and break. If you grind your teeth you should get a decent nighttime teeth guard to cushion the blow.

Chewing gum or eating mints with Xylatol. Xylatol is a sugar that is actually good for your teeth. It works by preventing acid buildup on the teeth, and it actually helps in aiding in the re-mineralizaion of lost enamel. Since acid is what causes tooth enamel loss xylatol is really great for helping to restore tooth enamel.

Natural methods that help to restore tooth enamel are out there. With the internet becoming more and more extensive these methods are slowly being brought into the main stream.  To read more about more natural methods to cure tooth decay go here.